Relaxing Deals is a marketplace for merchants of spa, beauty and wellness service and products to share special offers with a select group of consumers. The group can be your own current and prospective customers or our carefully cultivated lists.

Relaxing Deals has created a platform where merchants can create their own deal parameters and send the deal to their own email database. There is no sharing of revenue and the sales go directly to the merchant’s bank account.

For a one-time set-up fee of $500, Rd will design your merchant site establish a payment portal though and email marketing account through Constant Contact. Payments for your deals go directly to your bank account. Rd does not take a percentage of deals. Rd will charge $200 per deal flat fee to set up the deal on the Rd platform, create an attractive email, send the email out and provide statistical review of the deal.

Why use Relaxing Deals?

  • Great way to stay in touch with customers through value added, specifically targeted offers.
  • Grow your email list through referral and Facebook ad boosts. For your offers.
  • Rd does not take a percentage of offer sales. There is a one-time set up fee and the offer site is yours to use forever.

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